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Science Meets English

This teacher resource, written with Naomi Hiscock, includes a series of creative learning challenges to be covered in science and English lessons, with a balanced emphasis placed upon both subjects. This approach ensures that learning occurs in each subject equally by providing opportunities for children to develop their scientific understanding and skills whilst also strengthening their oral and written literacy. 

This teacher resource was written in collaboration with Naomi Hiscock.


Each of the ten chapters focuses upon a different genre and employs a creative hook, not only to spark your children’s imagination, but also to add a sense of purpose to the Science and English activities.


Science Meets English is accompanied by a downloadable resource pack which contains all the supplementary resources you need for each activity.

The chapters are designed so that the activities can either be completed sequentially in their entirety or as separate activities in isolation, with the goal of extending your children’s learning in science or English. 


Superhero Scientists

Superhero Scientists, a children's book co-authored with Alex Sinclair, is brimming full of amazing people who are involved in the fascinating world of science. This beautifully illustrated book explores the work of famous scientists from long ago, other scientists who are alive today and people who use science in their jobs. Take a journey through the 21 chapters packed full of fabulous facts, life stories and scientific discoveries. The people included are representative of the world’s diverse community.

As a non-fiction reader for children

Superhero Scientists is a great text for a 7-11 year old to read independently or with an adult. The book will help children to learn about the many scientific professions in the world and the discoveries that these incredible people have made

As a classroom resource

Superhero Scientists is the perfect book for teachers who want children to research about scientists and then demonstrate their learning with a creative and innovative written outcome.  The first section of each chapter is jam-packed full of fascinating facts and information about the life and work of the scientists. This makes it an ideal resource to use as a class text. Children can read the main body of the chapter either independently, in a group, or as a whole class.

The Great Science Share

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