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Classroom Projects 
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Drama and Science Workshops

David brings science topics very much to life with these interactive drama/science sessions. He uses drama strategies to teach and reinforce age-related science subject knowledge. Children become totally immersed in a memorable  learning experience.

Sessions will include a range of drama techniques which could include:

  • thought tracking - animals in a food chain

  • hot seating - 'characters' in the life-cycle of a plant

  • spontaneous role play - conversations between animals regarding their adaptations

David firmly believes that any science topic can be adapted to incorporate drama techniques.


Science Meets English

Using themes and ideas from the teacher-resource book 'Science Meets English' David develops writing opportunities which allow children to share what has been learnt in their science sessions.


These could include, creating:

  • a 'travel brochure' mapping the journey through the digestive system

  • an electricity 'recipe book'

  • a time-traveller's  autobiography about evolution

  • a museum audio tour about the circulatory system

David can design bespoke sessions to meet an individual school's English and science curriculum requirements.


Art and Science Projects

Art and science are the perfect pairing. David will deliver sessions where science knowledge and understanding is reinforced alongside the development of specific art skills. 

Example art/science activities could include:

  • Mono-printing an observational drawing of fossil

  • Creating three dimensional clay sculptures of imaginary planets

  • Wax-resist painting of a flower's reproductive parts

  • Animal habitat textile felting

  • Watercolour seed study

David will be able to design an activity for you that links a year group's science topic with a creative art project.




Creative Days

Creative days can follow a wide range of different science themes.  Projects can be designed for single classes, year groups, key stages or the whole school. 

David begins the day with an introductory presentation or assembly to introduce a creative, dynamic science task upon which the whole school work together collaboratively.


These could include the children:

  • designing an egg-protector safety-device within a forces project

  • making a 'home' for a mysterious alien as part of a habitat study

  • making a piece of clothing for a fashion show to learn about properties of materials

David will be able to create bespoke events to meet specific curriculum goals. 


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Meet the Scientist

In these sessions David will 'become' a scientist from the past, present or someone who uses science in their work.

This allows children to learn about the life and work of a scientist first hand. They have the opportunity to interact with the 'scientist', ask questions and learn all about scientific discoveries and inventions. 

David can become:

  • Leonardo da Vinci and discuss his life, his art work and his inventions

  • A dentist to share with children the part teeth play in the digestive system

Other roles can be explored. Please make contact to discuss possibilities.


Author Workshops

This session begins with an interactive presentation about an author's journey when writing a children's book.


This can either be followed by:

  • a writing or speaking and listening activity inspired  by one of the chapters from Superhero Scientists


  • a bespoke English activity supporting a specific curriculum outcome


David will liaise with the class teacher or subject lead to create a stimulating session.



Sessions can be delivered as a full or a half day. Fees are based on a sliding scale. A half day begins at £350 and the fee for a full day begins at £600. Travel costs are charged in addition. 


Sessions can be adapted as required. Fees for tailored packages and discounts for multiple days can be negotiated.


Please contact David to discuss.

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